Over 90% of Purplebricks customers would sell with us again.iResults of customer survey conducted by independent research company MDI Global November 2018.

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Your 1st class Marketing Package

Dedicated agents

Dedicated agents

You’ll benefit from an experienced and dedicated local agent from appraisal to settlement.
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Open homes & private inspections

Open homes & private inspections

We will take care of your open homes and private inspections, responding to questions and identifying potential buyers.



Our agents are expert negotiators who will work to secure the best sale possible.

Premiere advert on realestate.com.au

Premiere advert on realestate.com.au

You’ll enjoy a Premiere advertising listing on realestate.com.au – giving you the best way to reach more buyers. Past results reveal that Premiere ads not only achieve better sale prices, they also sell quicker than Standard listings.

Comprehensive marketing

Comprehensive sales & marketing strategy

Once the best strategy to sell your home has been recommended by your agent and agreed by you, we will take care of all the marketing – from professional photos, to floor plans, to online listings and a For Sale board outside your home, it’s all included.

Dedicated agents

My Purplebricks

With the My Purplebricks platform, you can view offers, review feedback and gauge buyer interest 24/7. This creates complete visibility of your campaign, enables you to respond directly to offers, and ensures that you don’t miss out on a potential sale.

Savings Calculator

You could be saving*


* Calculation based on typical commission paid of 2.2% plus a typical marketing fee of $2,500. Including GST. Average selling price (March 2017) is $670,000 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Our $4,400*
Success Fee

That’s right! In the unlikely event that your property is not sold, you’ll only pay the $4,400* for your Marketing Package. The remaining $4,400* is a ‘success fee’ – only payable on a successful sale. While traditional real estate agents will charge you a 2.2% commission on average, we don’t like commissions. We think a low fixed fee is a lot fairer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appraisal?
An appraisal is the professional opinion of the marketability and the likely sale price of your property – conducted by one of our Local Real Estate Agents. It is not a formal valuation, but an assessment based on the Local Real Estate Agent’s experience and recent market information. Book a free appraisal.
When do I pay the fees?

The $4,400 (incl GST) Marketing Package ($2,200 incl GST in WA) is charged from your nominated credit card account, when the property advert is published on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. If you choose to sell your property via auction, the $660 (incl GST) Auction Fee is also charged from your nominated credit card account, when the property advert is published on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

Alternatively, you can opt to pay the Marketing Package and Auction Fee (where applicable) via the Pay Later option. This means the Marketing Package and Auction Fee (where applicable) will be payable on the date on which the earlier of the following events occur:

  • when the sale of your property completes; or
  • you choose to withdraw your advert or property from the market (in accordance with the services agreement); or
  • six (6) months elapses from the date you accept the Services Agreement.

In line with the terms of the Services Agreement, the Marketing Package is not refundable.

The $4,400 (incl GST) Success Fee ($6,600 incl GST in WA) is only paid at settlement of your Property.

How does Pay Later work?

Pay Later is the option to defer payment of the Marketing Package and Auction Fee (if applicable). With Pay Later you pay the fees when the sale of your property is completed, you choose to withdraw your advert or property from the market or when six months elapses from the date you accept the Services Agreement, whichever comes first.

Subject to the terms of the Service Agreement, the Marketing Package is not refundable.

What makes your agents motivated to sell my property?
Our agents don’t receive a % commission on the sale price of your property. Instead they are incentivised to sell your property as a success fee ($4,400 in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA and $6,600 in WA) becomes payable by you only when the property sells. Once they sell your property, they receive a fee from us for their hard work. So, rest assured, our agents will always be motivated to deliver a great result– for your benefit, and for ours.
Why is the cost so low?
You pay less simply because 1) we've introduced a number of innovations that make the administration and marketing of your property more efficient, in particular through our online platform My Purplebricks and 2) we run Purplebricks from a central location, rather than from expensive local shopfronts. Our Local Real Estate Agents live in the areas where they work, so they have a network of potential buyers, in addition to all the buyers registered with My Purplebricks. This enables us to significantly reduce our overhead costs, pass the savings on to you and still deliver a comprehensive Real Estate service.
What is a Premiere advert on realestate.com.au?
Realestate.com.au has more property buyers than any other site in Australia and Premiere is the most effective property advert available on that website. Not only will your advert be larger, it will also top the relevant search results. It’s a great way of improving the visibility of your property and it is proven to attract more potential buyers. For example, properties with a Premiere advert receive 5.5 x more enquiries than a standard realestate.com.au advert (REA internal data November 2016).
So I get a realestate.com.au Premiere advert for 45 days. What happens after that?
If after 45 days your property has not had a successful offer, your Local Real Estate Agent will meet with you and discuss the marketing campaign to-date and the best options for the ongoing marketing and sale of your property. This may involve an extension of your premiere advertising listing on realestate.com.au and your advertising on other websites. You will need to pay extra for this but we have negotiated a heavily discounted rate for Purplebricks customers.
What about auctions?
Should you choose to take your property to auction, Purplebricks will organise this for you. We’ll take care of the auction details, arrange a licenced auctioneer and provide expert advice about the auction process. If you decide to sell by auction you’ll pay a low, fixed auction fee of $660 (incl GST). This is payable when you instruct us but can be deferred under the Pay Later option. If, following instruction, you decide to switch from private treaty to auction, you will need to pay the auction fee at the time you choose to change your method of sale.
Would I get more money for my property with an old fashioned, commission-charging Real Estate Agent?
Not necessarily. At Purplebricks, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best possible price, and have the resources to do just that. Our agents are skilled negotiators who will use their experience to get you a great result. Furthermore, our online platform My Purplebricks is able to generate great buyer interest and foster more competition between buyers – in a completely transparent way that will work for both sellers and buyers.