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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Purplebricks leaving Australia?

After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to close the Australian business. We’ve been operating here for two and half years and, unfortunately, we have been unable to make the progress in the Australian market that we’ve wanted.

With market conditions becoming increasingly challenging, we do not believe that the prospective returns in Australia are enough to justify continued investment.

When will Purplebricks leave Australia?
We will close our business over a period of a few months, so there are no immediate changes to customer service. A final closure date will be announced in due course.
If I am about to list a property, can I still sell with Purplebricks?
No. We will not be taking on any new listings in Australia.
What happens if I already have a listing with Purplebricks?
We will honour all agreements and provide the services that have been paid for over the coming months. As agents will not be taking further appraisals, their sole focus will be on selling homes and generating strong results for customers.
What if I was interested in buying a Purplebricks listed property?
We would encourage you to still inspect and make offers on our listed properties. This has no implications on the successful purchase of your new home.
What will happen to Purplebricks employees?
Purplebricks is offering counselling and re-employment services to all employees as we appreciate this is a challenging period. We will also commence conversations regarding compensation to ensure that every employee receives what they are entitled to.
What should I do if I have further questions?
If you have a listing with Purplebricks, we encourage you to speak with your agent. In addition, our customer service team can be contacted on 1300 309 768 or