Complaints Procedure

At Purplebricks we hold our customers at the heart of everything we do. We endeavour to provide support to you at every step of your journey with us. If, however, you feel that we have fallen short of your expectations, we will do whatever we can to resolve your concerns and promise to be transparent in all dealings with you during this process.

Purplebricks will act in accordance with this Complaints Procedure should you feel that you have cause for complaint about our service. Should you feel unhappy with the service you have received, please contact us on

  1. When a complaint is received from you about the service offered by a Local Property Expert (“the Expert”) or Central Property Expert (“the Agent”), the Expert or the Agent will be given the opportunity to resolve the matter informally with you.

    The Expert or Agent will contact you to discuss the complaint informally within a period of 24 hours of being made aware by you of any dissatisfaction. Should the Expert or Agent be unavailable, contact will be made instead by the State Director for your area. All complaints, whether informal or formal, are also notified to the Customer Service Manager as a matter of course.

  2. In the event that you remain dissatisfied with this informal resolution, the Expert or Agent will refer your case to the State Director for your area. The State Director will contact you within two working days and will endeavour to resolve your complaint during a telephone call if possible. If you remain dissatisfied, they will ask you to provide a formal written complaint so that every point can be investigated and responded to thoroughly.

  3. Within two working days of receipt of any written complaint our Customer Care Team will write to you acknowledging receipt and confirming that the State Director is investigating the complaint.

  4. Should the State Director be on leave or otherwise unavailable, an alternative senior manager will be designated the responsible person to deal with your complaint in their absence.

  5. Upon receipt of any written complaint and following acknowledgement the State Director will undertake an investigation of the issues raised. This investigation will include interviews with the persons involved in the case and checking of all relevant details. The investigation will also consider the activity history recorded on the Online Platform. Once a full investigation is complete, a full, honest and open written response will be sent to you within ten working days.

  6. There may be exceptional circumstances where the State Director is unable to respond within this timescale. In such circumstances, we will write to you and explain the reason why they cannot reply during that time and will provide you with an anticipated timescale as to when you are likely to receive a written response to your complaint.

  7. Should you disagree with our response and wish to escalate (appeal) your complaint, you should notify us of this in writing within 28 days of the date of our written response. Your complaint and investigation will be reviewed by our Customer Service Manager and her team.

  8. Upon receipt of your appeal, you will be contacted by our Customer Service Manager within two working days acknowledging receipt and confirming that she is reviewing your complaint.

  9.  Our Customer Service Manager will review all documentation and correspondence relevant to your complaint and will respond with a final decision in writing within ten working days of the receipt of your appeal.

  10. The decision will be treated as final.
  11. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the conclusions reached after investigation by the State Director and by our Customer Service Manager, you will be provided with details of who to contact to independently review your complaint and our decision.

The regulatory bodies to contact in the event that you wish to seek an independent review are as below:

Queensland (Brisbane)

Case Assessment and Response Unit,
Office of Fair Trading,
GPO Box 3111,

Victoria (Melbourne)

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Estate Agents Resolution Service

Consumer Affairs Victoria

GPO Box 4567, Melbourne VIC 3001

or fax to: 8684 6295


NSW Fair Trading at

13 32 20

South Australia (Adelaide)

Telephone: (08) 8226 8699

Toll free: 1800 182 150 (outside metro SA only)


Street address: Level 9, 55 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address: PO Box 3651, Rundle Mall SA 5000

Western Australia (Perth)

Tel: 1300 304 054

Level 2 (Reception)

140 William Street, Perth, WA


Please note

If your formal complaint is in relation to one of our partner companies, due to the regulatory environment in which they may operate, the complaint must be dealt with by their internal complaints team.

Your complaint will be subject to their specific complaint timescales, more details of which will be available from the partner company.